Where's the flashing?

Good day America’s finest…this is a first time see for me. The shingles, instead of running up to this chimney and having some sort of flashing to evaluate, simply keep going and disappear underneath the bricks. Both bottom (which is more obvious) and side do this trick. I assume that the shingles come to some flashing point inside the brick enclosure and the brick cladding is supported on some sort of shelf. Roof was too steep to go up and get a close look. If anybody can explain what’s happening in there that would be great.
mike in MN

There isn’t enough information given here to explain “what’s happening in there” but it is safe to advise not to make the assumptions that you suggested.

No flashing was visible at the chimney. The transition from roof shingles to the brick chimney was unconventional. We did not see any step flashing or counter flashing. We recommend repairs as needed, by a qualified professional, to protect from water entry and damage.

See page 12:

Any other pictures. Maybe a close up? Hard to tell from one picture. I blew it up on the computer but not enough to see anything. It either does not have flashing or it is under the faux brick.

Got an attic shot of it?

If it is Faux Brick what is on top of it for a cap?

If you do not walk roofs (and Im not saying you should) then disclaim it…to rely on opinions based upon 1 limited picture is asking for trouble.

That pitch is very walkable with cougar paws…again, if you don’t feel comfortable walking roofs then disclaim them.


Another picture would be good?

From what I see it looks like a faux brick fake chimney. It has the flu pipe routing up through it and in the center of the top so it wont look so fake.
Looks like the “chimney portion” is contoured to fit the side of the house and sit on top of the roof. Correct me if I am wrong…:mrgreen: