Which ancillary services are clients most willing to pay for?

By definition, “ancillary” services are subordinate or auxiliary to a home inspection. In that sense, their value would be perceived (or rendered irrelevant) by the primary service — the home inspection.

If I were to inspect a home and found it free of moisture intrusion, odors and other indicators … the perceived value of my ancillary mold testing service would be of little value to that home buyer.

If I were to inspect a home and found signs of rot, stains or odors consistent with contamination … the perceived value of my ancillary mold testing service would have an immediate value.

The home inspection, itself, would be the determining factor of the value of an ancillary service, IMO.

Agreed, the same would be appropriate for homes with septic tanks & wells, signs of wood destroying organisms or contaminants like known areas where radon is concentrated.

But that doesn’t address which services that clients are most willing to pay for.

On an ordinary inspection.

So, going beyond the SOP… radon, mold, WDI ?

RecallChek? :stuck_out_tongue:

Radon is the most accepted when offered in this area, followed by water analysis.

Here is a list of ancillary services with instructions on how you can have InterNACHI list you on www.InspectorLocator.com

About 35% of my clients have me test for radon. About 75% of clients with well water have me test the water.

Mold, only if there are circumstances that lead to is as you suggested.

WDI, about half.

I don’t do septic, but most clients have a septic inspection if a system is present.

Wow. I wouldn’t have guess that.

This brings up a good question. On every chimney I recommend a level 2 chimney inspection. (http://www.csia.org/homeowner-resources/chimney_inspections.aspx) Does InterNACHI offer any detailed chimney inspection training on NACHI.TV?

I know that’s a loaded question. I’d like the kind of training that allows me to do a level 2 inspection.

Not training but a super clear SOP and reporting form for inspecting fireplaces and chimneys. They are so good, you can’t go wrong. Both are in www.nachi.org/comsop.htm

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App. 90% of my inspections include septic, water quality, radon air, radon water, WDI.

Awesome business model here! Congrats.

Thanks Russ
Works good for me. I actually make more on ancillary services than I do on home inspections.

Me too…

I’m about the same as Peter, 90% of my home inspections include a septic inspection. Been very busy just doing “stand-alone” septic inspections in the last month.

Are septic systems required for the transfer of real estate there?

Chris, I do alot of stand alone septic inspections too.
That’s why I own and registered with the state of NH,
New Hampshire Septic Inspection
Brings in some nice business. Just inspected 10 systems in a campground for $3K.

Great responses, guys.