Which construction software estimator is best ?

(Mega Jones) #1

Hi All,

Someone have advised me that its better to use construction software estimator to track task, track resources, cost estimation, bidding etc. So, how efficient it will make an impact in our business. Can you guys suggest me some good estimation software. A guy suggested me “Priosoft construction software”, Is that a good software?.. Please help me fast on this. Thanks in advance.

Mega Jones

(Paul Lesieur, CMI) #2

I am a certified estimator and although I have my own software my favorite because its easy to use is Superbuild Estimating sponsored by Home Depot.

And its free!
Google Superbuild or go here http://thd.eagleview.com/

(Linas Dapkus, CMI) #3

Pro Contractor MX.
I am a Master Estimator and have been using it for years with great accuracy and results.
Don’t bother wasting your time with the cheap crap.

(Paul Lesieur, CMI) #4

Would depend on what you need it for. Pro Contractor is OK but if your doing residential and light commercial its overkill.

(Danny Leblanc) #5


You can also try SAM( Superintendent’s Automated Manager). This
project management scheduling software designed specifically to make multiple projects handling much simpler.