What is the Best Inspection Report Software?

Hello to all. I am interested in getting software for my home inspection reports. I would appreciate everyones opinion on which software is the best and where to get it. I like to be able to customize things as much as possible to fit my needs. Any opinions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

The best way to find the software that fits your needs is to take advantage of the free trial downloads. This way you can see what each has to offer. JMO

Agree with Michael. Also, will you be writing your reports in the office? Windows, Linux, Mac??? On site? PDA, Tablet, Laptop??? Different software for different methods (in most cases).

Check out HomeGauge or Home Inspector Pro. They both have two totally different user interfaces and ability to customize. I use HomeGauge and can’t seem to figure out how to use HIP no matter how many times I try, but that is just me. Try downloading trial versions of as many as you can find and weigh the differences. Most inspectors here either use one of those two, but there are others out there.

Also check out what the software will do for you beyond writing a report.

And first of all, search the previous posts as this horse has been beaten to death dozens of times in the last year or two.

Personal opinion, Home Inspector Pro. Regardless of the software you use, you can’t beat the customer service that Dom offers to everyone, not just his clients.

I will be using my office computer to do the report running vista. I may decide to use a pda or laptop or tablet in the field. any suggestions are greatly appreciated. thanks to all those who have responded already. The more names and sites i hear about the better. I will eventually post my opinion when I try them. Does anyone know if the trial versions are usable for a real report or not. I need to do a report this week and need to use one that does not say trial version or have some other kind of watermark on the final report. thanks for all of the help and advice.

What is your $50 condo inspection](http://www.meekerindustries.com/)?

Try Reporthost. The first 15 reports are free for NACHI members. No program to download. www.reporthost.com

Yep, that’s a condo. $50 bucks please.:slight_smile:

Can you use bigger fonts for your website? :shock: :wink:

Just a Local Wind Mitigation Inspection.

Stephen. I have a l;ot of older clients here in florida. I get alot of people who seem to like the site because it is quite different and gives them all of the info they need on just one page. I try to keep it real simple compared to all of the other sites I have seen.

I don’t know if I’d brag about being cheaper than everyone else. That’s just me though…I want people to know that I’m higher priced and WHY.

And you write a report and make money? What does your competition charge for a similar inspection?


it is a 8 question form from the office of insurance regulation. It takes me about 15 minutes on average. Most people charge 125 to 150 some at 90. I try to give my cllients the best price possible. I do all of the work myself and do not have to pay others so my price is most often the best price around.

What do you charge for a complete home inspection of a 2000 s.f. home?


I try to get 250 to 300. I have not done alot of home inspections yet. I am a General Contractor and got started doing the Wind Mitigation and 4 point inspections. I will always try to give my customers the best price around if possible. I would rather get 3/4 payment for a job than 100% of nothing. I am very flexible on price and price each job on an individual basis. What do you charge on a 200 s.f. home?

i meant 2000 s.f. sorry for the typo.

Nevermind, I see you’re a lowballer. Probably do a home inspection for $125. I see what licensing is doing in your state. What do you think Bushy??:p:p