Which Format for Consultants?

Good Morning,

I have several different consultants who help me on large commercial inspections, I am trying to determine the best format for them to send me their inspection with photos that I integrate into my report for one complete package. Do you all have a particular template, format (Excel) or a process like copy and paste that you use with your consultants?


Melissa Osburn

I have a template that I start with on all my inspections. I just send them the pages that are relevant, and ask them to give me the info back.

It would depend on the limitations of your repeorting software and how familiar you are with it. I use Homegauge and have become familiar with it enough that I can pretty much do anything I want to acomplish with it. If they can type somethign out in MS Word or similar program and include pictures in a seperate file, it would be pretty easy to copy and paste their comments into your report and add their company information as the ones providing the information for that section of the report. You will have to play around with whatever software you are using to customize it for whatever you want to accomplish.

Thanks guys I appreciate your input.


IMHO, I would emphasize to your consultants that they write legible reports, then include copies of them in your report. I see no reason to reconfigure your consultant’s reports just to make your final report look consistent. You aren’t fooling your client, he knows you brought an outside HVAC contractor.

A summary page can tie it altogether.

Less liability, less work to compile.

I use to have a heating and cooling company. I had a hard enough time finding a technician that could spell let alone write a report. There is probably some out there, but how do I find them?