Which warranty is better? Warranty users only...

Why do you think Nathan gave ONLY the three poll choices he did? Can’t lose if he’s the only contender! :roll:

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Alright let me put this another way, Nathan do you own Mountain’s 100 Day Inspection Certificate? Yes or No would be the answer.

How do you get someone to give you a straight answer?

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Like pulling teeth.

Always has been. :frowning:

And there you have it!

So tell us again why the ONLY CONTENDER would even post this Poll/thread?

Oh yea! Because he has the need to stroke something! :shock:

Thank You, for your clear and concise answer! I’m not in their/your system.

You will slowly learn yes and no are not part of Nathan’s vocabulary.

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Your numbers are skewed Mike. One of the 4 is Nathans vote for himself, contaminating the results!

3 / 70 = 0.0428571

4.2% Triple WOW!

I wonder how many Mountain and former Mountain users know that their data is now under the control of a lead broker.

Mine almost was!!!

I wonder why a direct questions was not answered , I am just curious . And i am not getting into this crap . but i like to see direct questions answered if asked

Crooks don’t do that very well, do they?

Nathan, I’m building a new site
wwilson,Me too

As i said not getting into this crap just would like a straight yes or no answer to the questions asked

How about

D. None of the above. I’m a Home Inspector, not a snake oil salesman. :stuck_out_tongue:


E. A one year home warranty, which is what 98% of home sellers in my area use as a selling tool to sell their home.

BTW, I am a “user” of a Home warranty, my home warranty is with HSA & didn’t cost me a dime when I bought my house.

For clarification, IAS never partnered with Mountain.

Ben once asked me if he could give away six months subscriptions to IAS for any new Mountain members.

I had no objections. He gave a handful away.

Ben Gromicko is a good guy, and I was happy to help him out.
I declined further discussions with Nathan, as his programs did not appear to sync with the IAS offering, as IAS stays at arm’s length from possible conflicts.

As the products now appear to be under a similar umbrella, and that Ben is no longer at the helm, the arrangement between Mountain and IAS no longer exists.

How many more worthless gimmicks can this dishonest lead broker accumulate in an effort to access private information about new home buyers?

I can certainly understand why you would want to separate yourself from Mountain and no longer offer your arbitration service, Joe.