which would you buy?

have been leaning towards the Ideal 61-165 for a couple of reasons but saw this other one and figured I would ask…thanks


I don’t own either one of these, but if I were to recommend or buy I would purchase the Amprobe, Ideal has been around for a while and most of my tools are Ideal. But the Amprobe seems to do a lot more then the ideal. There is a screen The reviews for the Amprobe are great. Seems like 4.5 out of 5 on 30 reviews.

So if I were to pick I would choose the Amprobe, the screen on the Amprobe seems easy to read and I like that you can plug it into the wall to analyze the circuit. The downfall is seems like you can’t check 220v circuits.

I wish I could help you more. But taking a look at both units I would buy the Amprobe.

Third choice http://www.extech.com/instruments/product.asp?catid=31&prodid=767


I can get us an exclusive deal on those. I might have to buy 25 of them or something. Give me a few days.

I have the Ideal and love it.


Post it here?

Yes. Let me call them and see how many I have to buy to get us all a deal.

Which one?

If its a good deal, I’m in for one.

Almost asked you about different vendors, if something wasn’t on inspector outlet …I will be buying lots of random meters/ tools in the coming months and would prefer one or two trusted sources but don’t want to overpay 10-30% either


I meant to ask which meter were you referring to!

I use sure tester 61-164. It is great for finding bootleg grounds.

Since indiana does not require afci, 61-165 is not helpful for me.

Ideal 61-165, there is no substitute

thanks guys for confirming that the ideal is what I want…Nick which meter were you trying to get a “deal” one? If it isn’t the ideal I am going to go ahead and order it today or tommorrow

I’m curious as to how many test AFCI at the outlet as opposed to the test switch on the breaker.

I’m also interested if you make a deal Nick.

FYI Nick - https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-8&gws_rd=ssl#q=ideal+industries+61-165+suretest+circuit+analyzer

I don’t even like testing them unless I know for sure computers, clocks etc are not plugged into them.

I do test them with the supplied test button if the home is unoccupied.

Same here…

Agreed. More often than not they are connected to something you don’t want to turn off.

In regards to these: http://www.extech.com/instruments/product.asp?catid=31&prodid=767

I should have them up on Inspector Outlet within the next week or two, along with a nice variety of other Extech and Flir equipment. Not to highjack this thread, but if any of you have any suggestions of other tools or meters from those two companies that you’d like to see us carry, please let me know as I’m about to place our first order. I’m completely open to any and all suggestions. sales@inspectoroutlet.com