Whip for gas line?

Inspected a townhouse with a gas dryer. It looks like they used an A/C whip for a gas line. I didn’t want to pull the dryer out for fear of maybe damaging the line. Is that a whip or am I mis-idetifying it? is there a gas line that looks like a whip, but is for gas?

definitely call for material compliance evaluation and replacement with compliant connector if not
if some bozo modified liquid-tight to fit it’s a great potential for life & property loss
TX licensed master plumber looked at your pic, he replied
“Hey bro. Have to say I’ve never seen one like that! Don’t believe that is a code approved connector. Take care.
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Whatever it is, it’s not approved.

It looks like it might be a “rubber hose” gas pipe (like what you might see for a barbecue), but they are not allowed for any residential use. CSST type appliance connectors are required.

Thanks guys. It really looks like a liquid-tight whip to me. You can even see the ridges of the metal. I called it out.