flir thermal help

I am looking at buying a Flir thermal camera for my inspections termite and moisture, after much research I think the Flir would better suite me the Termatrac.

I am needing an inspector who uses this to give me some advice, so if any of yaz out there would like to in the me in the right direction that would be great.


I have an E8 you can buy.

Is that the one that thinks it’s missing a memory card, even though it doesn’t have a card reader?


No they sent me another but they still have issues, hence me selling it.

John …

I saw one at a show and like the resolution & size / weight, etc.

What kind of issues does it have.

I trust John’s description of the problem, since he knows how to use equipment.

I have the E8, and only have a random error about once every 2 months. Pop the battery, reboot, it’s fine. The overall fell of the unit suggests they left some of the “quality” out, compared to my older Flir, but that is just my impression. The image (resolution & MSX) and lightweight design are strong selling points for my needs.


I suggest purchasing through a good reseller to help with any post sales support that may come up.


I have an E5 and it does the same and I feel the same about its “quality” but for its cost and what it has helped me figure out I was worth every penny and then some…has made me want to get a real camera and few levels of certification

I doesn’t always start-up correctly and it has to be restarted. Only takes a minute but annoying anyway.

Mine does that along with every now and then saying “no memory card available” and once it operated only as a regular camera…when in doubt pull the battery and turn it back on LOL

Hi John, how much for your E8, how old is it and what will you be using instead (just curious)? I thought the E8 was one of the best for the price. Does it still have any warranty? Is this the one you have for sale?

Do you figure you were unlucky or it seems to be a common problem on all of them?



I had the camera less than a year, it was replaced by flir, so I am not sure about the warranty. I am planning to return it to the salesman and let him sell it. If you want to make an offer before I let it go send me a PM. I got it in July.

Thanks for the reply John, I found a good deal for a brand new one and I’ll probably go that way to have the warranty.

Will you buy a different model or another E8?




What do you like about fluke and what are you considering?

The Fluke works.