Who inspect new homes for buyer? (posted by Samuel Moore)

[ASKNACHI]This question was posted on AskNACHI.org by Samuel Moore (from Marietta,GA 30066). [/ASKNACHI]Should I have my new home inspected before I purchase it? Or is it inspected by the state first? It has no CFO.


Samuel, you should get a Home Inspection. Click this link to find an Inspector.

I inspect many newly built homes and have found my clients appreciate the 3rd party inspection. Most home builders have their representative do a walk thru prior to closing with the buyer and many times do not completly or properly inspect the home. I do however have the oppurtunity in many cases to inspect the home while being built (custom built homes) and can point out defeciencies while in progress. So yes you should get a home inspection no matter the age.

Any new construction inspected in Ga must be performed by an ICC Certified Inspector. Make sure that your inspector has that certification.

Just call (678) 863-2847 and ask for Ken, I hear he’s a pretty good inspector. :wink:

Ditto O:)

Ken, Congrats on getting your ICC certifications!

Mr. Moore, contact William Bledsoe @ 678.227.9320 He is in your neck of the woods. www.homeinspectionsbyhhi.com

Don’t have ICC certification or do new homes, but I heard your dog does. Call me at 67smiley face and we can talk.

Typical new home will have less than 8 code issues and over 40 workmanship issues.

Make sure your inspector will report workmanship and cosmetic items, many don’t have the eye for it, especially the code oriented inspectors.

I do a lot of new homes due to client referrals. All clients that had other inspectors on previous homes said many problems were not reported. Even those required by the state SOP.