Who is going to do the new Cit 4 PT?

I really, really do not think I want this kind of sick liability on a damn insurance inspection. Citizens can have their own tools do it. I was going to do one for a guy tomorrow and use the new form and then I went over that sample and No Way. I was also getting $150 for it alone and doing a wind mit. I guess tomorrow may be the last time I do a 4 pt for citizens. I hope the other companies take the old style. I am guessing I will do them until that bites me on the ars then that will be that. First question out of my mouth when someone asks for a 4 pt will be, “FOR WHAT COMPANY!”. I’ll find the cheapest company around and send the just 4 points to them. Unbelievable the crap they dream up. Yeah hold on let me open this a/c and check the drip pan area…Ought oh! No caulk in this bathroom sink…

Was the client going to use Citizens?

You can still use what ever form you have been using as the new Citizen’s form is not mandatory until 9/1/18. Assuming I do use it then, I’m thinking of charging in the area of $250.00 per inspection. I know that some guys on the East coast are already charging that.


the problem is none of the large companies will do it they will just fuk the inspector. I “think” as that is what I have heard is as of 4/1/18?

Roy I do not know I just always try to Upsell the Cit form saying All insurance companies will accept.

This I think is going to be my decision. Anyone want to start doing all my 4 pts and wind mit 4 pt send me an email of way you will charge me and I will double it and tell the client and it they bite I will send them to you and then you sen me my 1/2 when complete. ANYONE INTERESTED **email me mike@meekerindustries.com **

This is my experience and thoughts from going to work today. Not as bad as it looks I did make a fat $250 for up to the first hr on a commercial gig and tossed in about 15 min free :slight_smile:

I think today is my official last 4 point for Citizens if not Everyone. I received $265 from a guy for a wind mit and cit 4 pt. He also has a likely dieing wife from Cancer and when I heard that was why he was out of town I took $15 off what I would have charged him to get to todays fee. The house is of course out of insurance because it lapped while he was taking care of his sick wife. House is complete a P.O.S.outside that would not pass any of the new form as no way to get to drip pan area today roof is a bust and electrical has fuzes and doubletaps inside and breakers and doubletaps outside with outside solar hot water heater looks minimum from 93 from glance. I did not review totally yet as I will send to him likely tomorrow as I am friggen done with this crap for today :frowning:

I’m not ever going to do one…
Why you may ask! … Simply because they have gone way beyond in the requirement for a 4 Pt.
Roof , Electrical , HVAC and Plumbing is all they will get…Period.
Every year they take a little more bite. I’m finished with them.
I think I’ll start another post in the Florida section to boycott there ridiculous requirement for a simple 4 Point report.
It’s insane.
Where is InterNachi when the Florida inspectors need them?
Where is FABI when you need them…Huh?
FABI must have tossed this one around.

Getting paid to do them. :frowning:

Not fuking me no mo :smiley:

I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that once Realtors get hip to this groovy expanded four point form that they will be steering their clients to this as opposed to obtaining a full home inspection…

They already do in many places, especially brokers.

this all sounds like good info for a rookie inspector like myself. i was hoping to do 4 points but these companies are apparently pushing it too far. thanks for the heads up

Dennis Bonner’s course covers the new 4 point form. For those new to inspecting you likely will not be as pissed as I am about it because you will only know what it is now and not what it used to be.

The Citizens form does not say it is mandatory, only the information contained within. See the second paragraph of the form “Be advised that Underwriting will rely on the information in this sample form, or a similar form, that is obtained from the Florida licensed professional of your choice.”

I will continue to use a modified version of the old InterNACHI four point report and just add a few new categories.

What are you smokin’ ? You stated the perfect oxymoron.
WOW! again!

What you see is online is only a Sample. I could care not care less about the layout and looks it is all the additional info I dislike. Another issue I really dislike is I charge a lot for them and when I do them correctly it screws the people paying me. At least most of the time with wind mits I am helping people financially even if they just get 1 discount and if they do not I am not the one who told them to have it done anyhow.

One of the reasons I rarely do stand alone 4-points. At least doing them with the home inspection,provides leverage for my Client to negotiate.

If the house is already ocupied by the homeowner, I tell thenm to pick an inspector from the insrance companies “list”…the ones who do these inspections for 49 bucks.

If they want to know what is really wrong with their home, then call me. :wink:

Yeah, I send them to the cheap guy or a friend if they want them. Normally the friend who does not mind doing them.

Maybe the new form has something to do with this:

Beginning April 2, 2018, Citizens will start ordering property inspections for Citizens Homeowners 3 - Special Form (CIT HO-3) new-business policies with an effective date of March 1, 2018, or later for all the following criteria:

Dwelling built in 1980 and earlier
Have one or more nonweather water-related loss
Coverage A is less than $200,000
These inspections will:

Be free to the policyholder
Examine the condition of the interior and exterior of the property
Use third-party inspection companies
To notify the agent in advance of an inspection, Citizens will send a Property Inspection Ordered activity in PolicyCenter®, which will include the name of the inspection company.

That is some crazy shot. The fox watching the hen house. CITIZENS should be disbanded immediately so they stop regulating the Office of Insurance Regulation. Scumbags to the very last one.

I did just refuse a wind mit 4 point combo for those P.O.C. It pissed me off to do so but I am sure it made my pal I sent it to happy :slight_smile:

Taking pics of all water valves is a joke! What is that going to show. I agree with previously posted cmts, get whatever what price you can BUT be honest, lawsuits are expensive.

Taking pics of shutoff valves has been the standard of care for years now. Where have you been?