Citizens has a new Four Point requirement

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Citizens Property and Casualty has a new requirement.
As of Jan. 1, 2011 - in addition to the existing inspector qualifications - Home Inspectors must also be licensed by the State of Florida.
This is *NOT *instead of association certification - this is in addition to existing requirements.
So as of January 1st – you will be required to sign your Four Point and provide your InterNACHI ID number and also your Florida Home Inspector License number on you’re Four Point report for it to be accepted by Citizens.

Yeah, Jan 1st. Some inspectors will not have there license by then since the state is giving them until March 1st. to apply for a license.

So it appears as though Citizens has found yet another way to circumvent existing law or…insert their own!

Citizens is not bound by the DBPR they are under the control of the Office of Insurance Regulation and like any other company can decide who they want to do business with.

We have been told for months that Citizens wants your license number and your InterNACHI ID number… BOTH.

The new requirements keep it fresh. They change every couple years or so, and will continue to do so, Im sure. We used to need a contractor’s license and have an electrician sign them. Some forms stiil need an engineer( Citizen’s commercial openings protection compliance) 40 year inspections(architect, engineer) . When the Roof condition Certificate first appeared, only Roofing Contractor’s could complete them…They changed that shortly after I registered for the State Exam and bought all the books! It appears the next phase of the Inspection Outreach program will incorporate all inspections into one visit for all Citizens policyholders. Expect the coming year to get very interesting for all interested parties.

My favorite is going to be when Citizens states a 4-point done in the early part of the year is not valid because it doesn’t have an HI license on it.

I have had reports from 2006 come back this year that they say isn’t valid because it didn’t have a Nachi number on it - or an old report signed by an electrician that isn’t valid because his license is no active (it was when he signed it, but isn’t active now).

Four points are not usually good more than a year.

Citizens uses your InterNACHI ID# to figure out if you were a member at the time of the inspection. Your ID number is your join-date backwards. YYMMDDXX.

So if your InterNACHI ID# is 10040199, they know you’ve only been a member since April 1, 2010.

Also, take this free course so that you are on this list:

Never knew that, I guess it’s why I’ve never been bothered by one of Citizen’s underwriters over one of my inspections, of course being a professional can’t hurt either.

Sssshhh. Little trade secret :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I get the whole thing about the fact that a 4-point is good for about a year. But I’m talking about getting items back today from 4 years ago (that would be before Citizens asked for Nachi numbers. They are requesting, and accepting, the old 4 point inspection if I just add the Nachi number - everything else remains the same - including the date of the inspection.

That’s why I would not be shocked if we start seeing some inspections from early 2010 coming back now and not being valid since they do not have a HI license number on the report - (Even though the licensing didn’t exist at that time)

Very Interesting!!!

Can someone give me the Citizens 4-point pdf please? Thanks.

I use a modified Nachi version.

Citizens will accept a 4-point up to 5 years old. The customer has to remember if he submits a 4 year old inspection that says the roof has 3-4 year life expectancy, he has a problem.

I live in Louisiana and was asked if I perform 4-Point inspections. I have asked my state board of H.I. and several others about any requirements in our state, but no one knows anything about it. Can you guys give me any information to as to what I might have to do in order to be covered? I have a license here in La. and I am a member of InterNACHI. I will also take the Wind Mitigation coarse Nick posted above. Thank you for any information,

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Shawn Gregg

Email me and i will send you what I use. it is a one pager. Do not be fooled into a mini home inspection. Usually 3 to 4 questions on roof,electrical,plumbing, and A/C. K.I.S.S. :slight_smile:

Hi Mike:

I would love to see your 4 point form you use.

Also, i was called by a insurance broker and they advised me that I needed to have a licensed journeymen electrician handle the electrical part of the 4point. Can you or anyone else confirm this to be true about the “journeymen”

Thanks in advance!