who is this and what is she doing?

I think we are spoiled and when we have pay a few bucks for
something, we are shocked… NACHI.TV is going to help
all of us in the end, so a little support from us now will have
a great return for us later, as this thing grows.

Troy we need to get you some glasses.:shock: :smiley:


Not putting anyone or anything down, but to me this seems like some of the most basic knowledge someone who does not know a single thing about the building inspection business might need to know, I cannot quite figure out why you or Nick or anyone else would put so much time and effort into a show which if somebody didn’t already know these simple things they probably have no business even being in the inspection business, or even saying they are an inspector.

Doesn’t make any sense to me anyway.

Now if you had a HVAC guy there ripping a Heat Pump apart and putting it back together explaining how they work, would be educational to quite a few folks.

But notching & boring?..I don’t get it anyway, seem way to elementary.

I concur…and all this for 4 bucks.

Man, I can remember the days of my youth when “Notching and Boring” was just about all I could think about and what I worked and lived for. Wish they had a $4 video back then. But back then video hadn’t been invented. :wink:

Now it’s all on 'puters for free or you can send me $1.99](http://www.cityoflompoc.com/departments/fire/handouts/cutnotc2.pdf) :mrgreen:

Excellent gouge sheet. Thanks.

Thanks for the feedback. I need more of it from everyone.

I agree with you. However, “Basic” for one may be “advanced” for others. I just can’t assume we all know it all - so to speak. I like investing my time in stuff that may appeal to as many inspectors as possible.

We don’t want to leave anyone out, ya know. “Iron sharpeneth iron.”

Throughout my inspection career (12 years), it’s always been the basics that I relied upon to do a professional, thorough job. For example, I recently was inspecting a house in Denver for a friend, and I walked through the basement and found major structural defects - notches and holes in floor joists. The defects were basic knowledge stuff, but my ability to recognize them, measure them, recall the formulas, and clearly explain them to my friend was quick and accurate. I was talkin’ smooth:cool:. And that’s the result of working on the notching video. It increased my skill level as an inspector.

By watching how to inspect things, no matter how basic the subject matter, will increase an inspector’s skill level. IMHO

When was the last time I improved my skill level significantly by simply reading code out of a book, or reading a diagram? Hmmm…I don’t recall.

Now, when was the last time I improved by skill level significantly by watching someone else do what I do? Just recently, and it happens often at nachi.tv.

notch diagram.pdf (216 KB)
This diagram is excellent, but it’s a diagram. Looking at it, no matter how carefully, doesn’t really help my skills.:frowning: The Notching video takes that dull, 2-dimensional diagram and makes it alive, 3-D, and effectual.:smiley: IMHO

There’s really nothing like watching someone perform an inspection.

Now, I’m shooting a master plumber on Thursday 17th. We’re going to inspect two hot water tanks - one electric & one gas. We’re going to go over all the basics and advanced stuff.

What would you like to learn about? You tell me and I’ll do it. OK?:smiley:

I figure if You are actually planning on shooting a master plumber on the 17th You probably will be a bit too busy in the court system for much tv work for a while, but if you manage to get it on film it should be great for ratings…jim

Well, as it came up in another thread, “What is your weakest portion of inspecting”?

I’m sure (judging by the polls) than an HVAC inspection video would assist many HI’s.


I got a HVAC professional. He’s coming in this week to talk.

Anything in particular?


I’m sure most of the** **HI’s ****would like to see this HVAC professional inspect the entire HVAC system, without actually removing components.

You know…Just a simple up-close video of items that should be inspected by an average home inspector. I’ll bet you get a lot of hits from this particular video.



That was easy.


An esteemed colleague, Phillip Stojanik, wrote this a few years ago may be useful info to cover or for anyone needing further HVAC inspection information. Commentary is based on TREC SOP


$4 should be for non members, members should be free.

That’s Paige Peters drilling a hole for the new Nachi TV demo

Correct! Have you watched the video?




I have failth, that they will be changing their decision soon.

Members should absolutely be FREE.

I agree