Who Profits From Wind Mitigation Changes?

I put this out there to my fellow NACHI inspectors. Those of us on the forum are dedicated to suppling are clients with the most accurate and consistant inspections.

Who really profits from changing the form? (Granted there is problems with the current form.)

Who was paid to help develope the form we currently use?

Who’s getting big bucks for** training**? Speaking engagements? Endorsements?

Lastly, why dosen’t NACHI have a voice in the creation of the form?

I think anyone who is interested should attend the public meeting in Tallahassee to voice their concerns and opinions. I hear a lot of people who complain about these Wind Mit inspections and forms but when they have the opportunity to actually have some input they waffle and come up with all kinds o excuses NOT to attend. I don’t do them anymore and have no plans to ever take them up again due to the way this whole thing was implemented and jammed up the customers and inspectors behind. Some of those same people would drive all day and night to attend a sporting event but won’t do it to offer suggestions on their own profession and livelihood.

[FONT=Verdana]So true Mr Edwards; I am sure that the ones who complain the most will not attend and come up with some cheap excuses not to attend.

JC no disrespect to you buddy! You do contribute positive items to this board…

No offense taken, Manny.

I agree that people should drive up and voice their concerns. I’m going to try and work it in.

Insurance Companies, Inspectors

Not sure, no one I hope

Training companies, Inspection Depot, InterNACHI, Bill York, other organizations related to wind mitigation

I thought we did, or at least I hope we do. Im sure some associated with NACHI will be there, representing us. But it may not be as a representative of NACHI.

We will profit, the insurance companies will profit, course providers will profit.

All involved will profit except the most important people- THE CLIENTS they will likely get screwed as usual.