Hey Guys!

I had to go to Jury duty this morning Martin County. You guys need to pull in a little on this wind mitigation, names were mention and articles on how inspectors are posting on the message board about certain talk about this program it is becoming unprofessional and redundant. Not good for the public to read I think we will make money on this and charge more and maybe another way to make money. You guys are all worked up and not setting a good example for NACHI Inspectors. We all know wind mitigation is a mess and needs to be re-modified. Use your intellect before you discuss what it is on your mind.

Or at least before shredding your fellow inspectors without provocation :slight_smile:

Thanks Fred. Great advice. :smiley:

You almost got it right.

I’ll fix it for ya…

Wind mitigation is a mess and needs to be scrapped.

Come on now I actually would love to be doing a job where I save people money and they are happy when I leave.

Now when I leave the clients often feel that the OIR and their insurance companies are against them. Does no one else feel the OIR should be trying to help us the CONSUMERS and CITIZENS. Why does the OIR do what ever the insurance companies want?

Why is both the OIR and Citizizens Insurance company both ran by the State.
Is this not the land of anti conflict of intrest thought. How come no ones sees that conflict?

Someone please tell me how a hurricane strap coming out of a tie-beam getting a big ole nail in one side most of the time bent over on the other going over the truss and attached in the same manner is just like a toenail in strength

To bad the OIR and many others make such a ridiculous form with dangerous practices used to get information that is not needed. To bad many inspectors just suck it up and just pick someones opinion they like and feel that is the way it must be done.

Maybe before someone can write a course or teach a course or design the form they should have to have some actual experience doing wind mitigation inspections. A lot of experience like Dennis B or my buddy John S. :smiley: I am tired of folks with no experience making the decisions.

And even though I do not agree with a lot of Johns opinions at least he has earned them.

There was talk of making anyone who either uses this form in the field (inspectors) or in the office (insurance agents) will have to take the same course.
Also, that there will be a handbook for reference for the situations that arise.

In my opinion, those should have come first.

Just like with the licensing law. Everything should have been in place prior to the law being enacted.

For the life of me, I have yet to figure out how everything that our government touches ends up getting done backwards.

Look out we agree.

Give me a few weeks I will publish a handbook.

If there is anything I can do, let me know.

Good, I hope you are going to make some money on it :slight_smile:

Considering I get calls from inspectors asking me not to give things away. I just might.


It is up to you, but for what you know, I’d charge for it.

Will the handbook be a pdf?
It wold be easier to distribute that way.
It could also be sent with a wind mitigation inspection report. Just a thought.

Yes and it was Nick’s idea

When temporary housing proves to be temporary, what is the question?

I’ll buy one, John.

Everything is “temporary”!:mrgreen::mrgreen:

Let me know when it is ready for shipping.