Who wants a Homestead wind mit

Send me a regular email and it’s yours.

Have them call my Dade # 305-759-4587. We can do it anytime

We have a winner…

Mike is to windy out there:roll:. I only do W/M in areas that are not to windy:p.

Go [size=7]MEEKER GO!![/size]

But it is pretty in some places down there.

Homestead is going to become a ghost town again. Most of the people who bought down there did so because the prices were lower. With devaluation they are now under water. Their payments are still high. Now they have to pay almost double for gas. With most of them working in Miami, they will not be able to afford the drive.

Scheduled, Thanks Mike

Anytime. Glad I can send something your way occasionally.

Hey Mike, next time send me some this way. Actually, I just started doing them this past week and just now saw your post. Appreciate anything sent down this way.

And, Bill, I am one of those that bought down here just before the RE bust. You are right about what you mentioned regarding Homestead. It was booming in the mid 2000’s and after 2007, just went bust. I’m seeing a very slow return though. Fortunately, I work and live in this area and am very happy where I’m at. Except of course for the “underwater” part!..LOl.