$25 Wind Mits!!

My mistake. Apparently I didn’t know the full story.
Sorry guys! :slight_smile:

I applaud the guy’s honesty. He is asking payment for what he is worth.

Condo’s with flat concrete roofs are pretty dang easy… hes probably trying to sell multiples to neighbors and the association to make the extra buck.

It will only get worse.
The more folks that are now qualified to do it the more that will try.

With 5,000 + new folks allowed to do them what did you all think would happen?

Bidding War. Just like EVERYTHING ELSE.

I am going to start a new company called Windmitmart. We pay minimum wage and have old folk from retirement homes answering the phones.

it will still not work at the current rates. No way you can pay folks legally to answer the phones and still compete.

To many folks are magically qualified :frowning:

Meeker’s got it right. Economics 101 in college or high school. Supply and demand. Increase the supply with a flat demand and prices invariably will drop. Same reason why we all shop for large screen flat screen TVs at lower prices at Best Buy or HH Greg - we all do it from wireless service to the price of gas. But yet we expect home inspection fees to increase? Wind mitigation inspections have been an interesting debacle.