Deltona Wind Mit

I am not sure if any of the regular guys I send work to are in this area or not so don’t be offended if I forgot.

Send me a regular email and I will send you the clients info right away. I assured her someone would contact her today.

Hurry ,Hurry, Hurry If for some reason she does not send me the email I will let you all know but she said she would and liked the fact I told her I would get her someone.

Since I paid for whatever advertising got her attention and she is out of my area I prefer to send it to one of you guys instead of letting her continue her search and get stuck with some hack.

well I have not got her email yet. I guess you never really can tell.

probably same lady I just talked to; she is shopping lowest price, just lost her job

Sorry guys she never sent the email.

She got a guy to do it for $4.99

I believe it. Pretty soon you will be able to get one free with a large pizza. I heard Inspection Depot and Pizza Hut are teaming up :slight_smile:

Fred, I think you want your signature to say 43+ don’t you?

Hi Mike,

Thank you $!
Thanks Mike, I will change it now +.

Have a good Holiday You & Family!

Thanks, My Friend

I got the call yesterday. She is shopping for lowest price for sure. She told me that her insurance company (who ever it may be) told her she can get them way under $85.00 if she calls around. I told her 150 and thanks for the call.

And the dumb a-s does not even send me the email so I can post her info to have tons of guys call?

I had a client that had a State Farm list that said the price for a Wind Mitigation is $85.00 in Deltona. It had photo copied handwriting on the list if they charge more call the next name on the list.

Pieces of crap…All of them.