Wind Mit warning

If you get an order for a wind mit at 4913 in Palm Beach Couynty Call me for a heads up. Before you go.:smiley:

Again ??

Different guy trying crap :slight_smile:

Believe it or not I am a man of principles.

I try to warn others so they do not waste their time. I walked again.

I said I wouldn’t repond to you anymore but I broke the rule to say that this is a good thing you have done. I think you have done it in a proper fashion as well.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I only thought John was currently ignoring me.

I am trying to let fellow inspectors know what is going on without putting the guys info out there. Believe it or not I try to look out for others in the same profession as I and will always try to help when possible.

Have a great weekend :slight_smile:

Mike - why do you keep walking. Take his money and tell him you will send him the report. Let him believe whatever he wants to as to what will be in the report Then write it as it should be written. Email it to him with at note that says you cannot ethically lie and this is how the report needs to read. Then thank him for his business. Oh - make sure you cash his check first. Why should you drive all the way to WPB and get screwed out of money because some yahoo wants you to lie him.

Well with the scheduling the way I had it it was not such a big deal. I do that and he is pissed and tells anyone that would listen or just aggravates me about it. It just was not even worth the hassle. I did not even get pissed about it and let it ruin my weekend. I had a decent week so screw him. The best part of not working weekends is I just turn them all off for a couple of days. :slight_smile:

Does Florida accept NACHI’s Wind Mit Course? I am wondering if I wanted to do these what I would need.

First you would need an HI License — Then you could use InterNACHI’s wind Mit course as ur additional training

Thanks. :slight_smile: Does the State accept the NACH Course? I have the Home Inspector License.

Yes, I would take York’s class or Dr Uz also.

Yo, Mike whatsup?? Are you still running for president?

I will as long as people support me. Not enough in the coffers so far.

Home Inspectors for Mike has a nice ring to it.

One things for sure if I was the President I would do all I could to stop pissing away money. :slight_smile: