Why cast iron in a new home?

What would be the reason for this? New home. 99% of the waste pipes were PVC.

Only reason I can think of is it is less susceptible to damage.

I’ve heard of it being used for noise reduction in large vertical drops…

Plumber ran out of pvc, and happened to have the cast iron on his truck that fit?

I wonder why they did not put a clean out up at the top near the transition. Looking at the system again as a whole it looks like it could be very susceptible to some clogging w/o a method to clean it out.

I agree. It is much quieter.

That is exactly the purpose…we been using them in all of our homes since 1992.

The problem you have to be aware of is to make sure the bottom is supported due to its weight.

Always learning something new. One of the coolest things about this job, and this message board as well.:smiley:

When I was a carpenter in Chicago I asked the same question and was told it was due to the fact that PVC released toxic gas in a fire.

I agree with Jim. We do it all the time on Commercial Jobs for vertical drops to reduce noise.
This looks like it was planned for possible future of finishing the basement. :slight_smile:

Cleanout is at required location. The upper pipes can be snaked from above easily.

Since it is only mechanically attached to the abs/pvc, the cast is able to be removed to install a cold water preheat/heat recovery device.

Brian, what is a cold water preheat/heat recovery device that would be hooked up to a waste line?:slight_smile:

Here you go Marcel

Drain-Water Heat Recovery


Thanks Mike, and I have never seen nor come across anything like it.

Seems like something that would be used on commercial or industrial buildings.
House hold with two to four people dosen’t seem like a very equitable savings. :slight_smile:

I agree with you Marcel but people get talked into buying the craziest things sometimes. :shock:

Like magnets to “soften” your water.

Does anyone really think they work?

Well, homes around here, I don’t think I would ever reccommend something like that.
It might be more worthwhile to invest in a graywater storage and reuse for sprinkler systems and bathroom toilet use. Now the water savings on that would definitely aweigh that exchanger. :slight_smile:

But are they worth it…me think not!

There may be some great situations in those setings.

One of best uses is in a situation such as showering where cold water runs when shower water is draining. Would be best suited for gyms, dormitories, barracks but people are putting them in homes due to unbacked claims of 40-50% reduction in hot water costs! Up here, our national Eco-action energy efficiency program gives a partial cost grant for these devices!!!

Of note…I don’t have one in my home.

Attached are the details of this technology from CMHC.

I have not seen nor heard of this technology, either. Thanks for the education!

(And who says us Americans cannot learn from our Canadian bretheren)!!!