Why do home inspectors put their business cards in the electrical panel?

What’s the point?

It makes a good joke with a client when you show them the card and tell them there shouldn’t be any paper in the box.:mrgreen:

I believe for the same reason they place one in the furthest recesses of the attic… to prove they were there. The card can’t get there by itself. A picture (attic) means nothing, considering telephoto lenses.

Cause they are dumb asses???

Well yea, that too. (Talk about stating the obvious). :smiley:

That’s why I take a photo FROM the farthest point in the attic, usually looking back toward a landmark like the furnace of attic entrance.

I was told by a old guy it was to prove they where inside the panel or in the back part of the attic, I just take a picture. It may have started before pictures where taken.

If you’re going to do that it would be wise to not miss anything…I’ve found on several occasions that either something was missed, or something was not corrected that was found. In either case, the potential to look incompetent exists.

We did to let the next guy know who was their last, when the inspection industry was just a handful of guys. I stopped doing a few years ago. paper in the box good point.

Personally, I don’t think a business card at the bottom of the panel is anything to report about. If the card catches on fire, there were other issues that caused this that you should have been more concerned about.