Why do inspectors leave out the "I"

Why do so many inspectors write in their reports “recommend repair”

It doesn’t mean what you think it means. It’s a fragment. Why are inspectors afraid of writing “I recommend repair”? I don’t get it.

We write “WE”

Royal we of course :slight_smile:

Juan hits on one of my pet peeves, ever notice that when you go to a store where you have to ask for stuff, like auto parts or whatever, and you ask for something, and counter guy says “I don’t have that in stock”, I am always tempted to ask (but never do), Oh would you be the owner of this store then?

Me too if I have other inspectors with me.


or the manager, or the person whom does the ordering. :mrgreen:

“Recommend repair” is more “Inspector slang/shorthand” born out of laziness…

Which, by the way…

Professionally speaking, you are both incorrect…


So, who is it that your clients are hiring? If you reply “you”, than I say BS. Why isn’t your name plastered at the top of your website and marketing???

My clients don’t hire me, they hire OUR TEAM.

I get all nuts and make a statement in the third person. Something like: “The Inspector strongly urges the Central A/C unit be serviced by a fully licensed HVAC contractor.” Or something like that.

And there is no I in team:D

But there is in WIN. :wink:

You sure :slight_smile:

i in team.png

Well I’ll be. :wink:

How about “Corrective repairs are recommended” ?

No I, We, Inspector, etc.

for myself…
… "XYZ is defective. Recommend contractor review with repair / replacements made at this time… "

for the same reason they write further evaluation. They dont want to put themselves on the spot and take responsibilty for what they are writing. I cannot tell you how many roof systems I see that need replacing, but the inspector shuffs it off to a roofing contractor to make that decision.

“It is the recommendation of our firm…”
“Our firm recommends…”

Just remember that fully licensed does not mean the contractor performing the repair or further evaluation is actually qualified or Competent.

We write, “We recommend further evaluation or repair be made by a licensed, Qualified and competent service professional”.

Just dayin…:cool:


In all narratives, I refer to “the Inspector” because my narratives are really written for sole proprietors, and when someone reads the report, they know exactly who is being referred to; the contract party responsible for the report information. The Inspector. Capitalized just like in the contact.
If I were a multi-inspector firm, I guess I’d be using the name of my company instead of “I” or “We”, especially if I were a corporation.
That separation between the individual and the corporation is an important advantage.

The “Inspector” is clearly defined as my company in my pre-inspection agreement. Clients pay my company, not me. I purposely leave out the “I” in report recommendations.