Why does this type of panel have two main breakers?

Has anyone come across this type of panel and can someone explain it to me.

two breaker panel.jpg

Try and increase the res.
It is very small.

What kinda place was it?

I typed a big explaination and lost it. It was in a RTM ready to move from the late 70’s. The electrician I called suggested it was a dual purpose panel. 100 amps was for a rural setting and the 60 amp was for a trailer park setting.
I am not sure I buy that explaination.

Sparky will jump in soon I am sure , but was the 60 controlling the place?
Never saw that panel before, yet see the book over on the right side where I guess you have the 100. (can’t read)
I suppose you did not open it since the pic is not there.
Looks like three doubles which would indicate it might be on the 100 amp breaker.

I am actually going to re-inspect this property for another client, the first fell through. I will be paying much closer attention to the details this time. I will check the breaker outside if I can find it.
There was a nanny suite in the basement with a 60 amp sub panel. It was not labeled but may have been fed by the 60 amp breaker from above???
I have to sign off but would like to hear as many of your thoughts as possible and will check again in the morning.


Did the home have electric Heating I see this some times one for heating one for the resident.
Need better picture how about with no cover. …Cookie

Sorry I only got this shot of a burnt wire close-up. THe home didn’t have electric heat that I could see. Perhaps it once did however. I will take more pictures and investigate things a little closer this time.
This is the first time I have ever re-inspected a home. I promised to do a complete 2nd inspection and will do just that. I would like to garner more info on this panel before I go back though. Keep them comming I have every faith that one of you will get it right. NACHI is great.

I must admit the two breakers on the left bottom have me confused.
I see a tie bar between what appear to be double breakers.

Here’s the close up.

The bottom hot looks fried and corroded.
Is this panel from Bizzaro.
I would defiantly admit I would write it up as needing a Licensed electrician

I did not get the manufacturer. I decided it was best to have a qualified contractor have a look as well. I will look at a few more things this time as I won’t have someone standing over my sholder this time and I should have more time to investigate.

I googled Bizzaro and came up empty?

I think what you’re looking at there is an old Canadian-style Challenger panel. Most of the time when they appear to have “two mains” like that, one is really the main for that panel and the other is a subfeed breaker for a subpanel right next to it or someplace else in the home. These are typically fed at 200 amp to the lugs in that panel, then 100 amp goes to the bus of that panel and the potential for another 100 amp is left to subfeed out with that second breaker.

I concur.


Fairly common in canada (Westinghouse Novaline, Cutler-Hammer, Challenger too from what someone else said) to have panels with breakers that look like that. I can’t say for sure 100% in that case, but they do make one peice (for lack of a better word) breakers that look like that… basically two tandem breakers stuck together with some configuration of handle ties. The two I’ve seen are like that one above, in a 1-2-1 configuration (single pole, double pole, single pole), and also in a two double pole format with a large handle tie around the outside to give you 2 double pole breakers. The only catch is they are non-common trip… says so right on the breaker.

I have a CH panel in my own home with these kind of breakers. Here’s a pic… if you squint closely you can see the diagram on the breaker that shows the handle tie setup and it says “non common trip.”


A picture is worth a thousand words; this should go with my previous post quite well (I hope):




I repeat Bizzaro
Joe you tagged it, as I was a big Superman DC comics fan as a kid.
Heck I would most likely still enjoy them.
Thanks for explaining that, guys as nobody was answering the question and I have never seen that kind of setup.

Thanks guys,
I will be visiting this place again tomorrow morning and will pull more info from the panel and take some more pictures. I will follow up on this post. It is my guess that the 60 amp breaker most likely feeds the sub panel in the basement.
Thanks again for your imput.