Why Don't We See CPVC?

I inspected a late 90’s home today plumbed with CPVC potable water piping and it got me thinking. Why exactly was CPVC installed in new homes for such a short amount of time? Was this simply due to the rise of PEX? I’ve never been a fan of CPVC myself, too brittle.

That is my take on it, Charley. :smile:

The cost of copper went through the roof and CPVC was popular around 2000 to 2005. PEX gained popularity due to speed of install. No waiting for glue to dry and the pipe takes freezing conditions quite well. Can’t say the same for the fittings.

Still see it in the Houston market, at least up to a year ago.

I’m still seeing it here on some new construction but most have switched to pex .

CPVC is still installed as water supply in new construction in my area.

It’s cheap and if labor is cheap it’s going in a home.

Interesting. I assumed that PEX took over nationwide years ago, do to convenience of installation if nothing else. I haven’t seen CPVC in new construction in my area in many years.

Just the opposite here. It’s either copper or CPVC, rarely PEX.

Lots of CPVC here too.
I imagine the plumbing contractor sees it as easier to show the new hires how to solvent weld a joint than to keep buying expensive crimping tools…

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