Why is Florida left out of NACHI?

Here we are with a big segment of NACHI inspectors . But OH No! Lets go to Vegas.
I challenge Nick and his crew to put on an major Florida inspector jamboree.
Hell! The fam can go to Dizzy world while the rest of us have our fun…Huh?
It’s a write off…Huh?
I’m thinking September when Orlando is at rest.

I’ll be the master of ceremonies ( done it before) with a popular band at my side. I’ll que them!
Ok! OK! The question comes up…
When the band gets its cue when I introduce Nick what song will you feel will be appropriate…

  1. Eye of the Tiger
  2. The strippers song.:smiley:
    OH! We most certainly will have to have Kenton there.( My Hero)
    Kenton gets the Eye of the Tiger in my book.
    Rally all vendors the extravaganza it about to begin.
    NACHI you have been challenged.
    Florida is waiting for your answer…

1st Pro inspection

Because this was never a “NACHI” event before last year. It was a conference put on by Casey / O’Malley for years and years. It was a favorite of all home inspector associations without one being favored over the other. Politics was set aside with NACHI, ASHI, and NAHI members having fun side by side. It was neutral, enlightening and entertaining. Las Vegas has the most available hotel rooms, the best rates and entertainment for the buck.

Now that this is a “NACHI” run conference, many of the NAHI and ASHI members will no longer attend. Their knowledge, heck, any knowledge that is not shared is lost.


Rosen Shingle Creek

The best convention hotel in FL - and affordable too.

I can see training event going on for days. At the cost of attendance.
Each and every conference room will be filled with attendances.
Special speakers in the main event room.

Stephen, you’re just going to have to get used to nearly everything and everyone in the inspection industry being InterNACHI. That’s the trend and I don’t see it reversing.

NACHI members do get Orlando discounts…Huh?
Makes it more the promising.

Yep! All the others are hasbeens !
NACHI’s rule…

Which one Nick?
1)Eye of the Tiger
2) The Stripper song
I’m good, but you will havta rent my tux.

I box, so Eye of the Tiger.

Florida? Ask Nick about the last conference in 2005 / 6 at the convention center.

Seems like 1,000 years ago when you move at this pace: www.nachi.org/whats_new.htm

When does the voting begin?

http://www.nachi.org/convention2006.htm I was there

http://www.nachi.org/convention2007.htm I was there

You afraid to fly to Vegas or too boring to travel?

Vegas is the perfect spot…well, for me anyways. I haven’t been there in 19 years and just made my hotel reservations this morning.

I’m not the gambling fanatic I used to be but I’m sure I will be hitting some of the card tables and definitely the sports books since football will be in full swing at that point. I am planning on arriving early Saturday morning.

Been to Vegas many times and I’m bored with it.

You need to venture out beyond the tables. I don’t gamble, and I have a blast in Vegas. Fremont Street at night is great.

Been to Red Rock Canyon and the Hoover dam many times.I’m not going back
More thing to do here in Florida.

When I think of Florida I think of old retired farts that have run out of retirement money and decided to become home inspectors am I wrong???:twisted: