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Should we let it die…or can we save it?

47 views? Might be dead already.

I am not sure besides Richard’s news letter what they do. Many confuse our chapter with FL Nachi thinking FL Nachi has been the ones putting on the events.

Did they put on the convention at Orlando this year?

fl Nachi has not done any conventions. All conventions have been done by The Fl Home & Insurance Inspectors Chapter.


I am not trying to be a smart a s s but am I a current member. I thought I joined when it was started but I am not sure.

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Anyone have a good EULOGY

I must say more to have this printed so more :slight_smile:

Just a sign of the times, who needs an association when you have a state licensing authority, good money after bad if you ask me.

Mike membership in our chapter is free and all licensed home inspectors are welcome. You are a member. If you attended a conference and I know you did… afterall that is where you got your trophy! LOL

Good :slight_smile:

I thought so.

Mighty fine trophy at that :slight_smile:

When is the next convention scheduled for?

If I have this all figured out correctly, the FL NACHI that Richard is speaking of is the original group that formed to help many obtain licensing via the proctored exam.
At that time, you had to be a fee paying member of a FL association that requires a proctored exam for membership. Ergo the one time $100 fee for membership and exam proctoring.
I don’t know if Zoe Fackler started this group or not, but I do know that she was integral in the forming of it and in many of us being able to obtain licensing without jumping through too many hoops.
Due to politics, differing views, differing visions, differing opinions, etc, the FL Home and Insurance Inspector Association somewhat spun off into a separate group. John and Michelle Shishilla were integral in it’s forming and growth.
I think that’s it, in a nutshell.
Now, as for the original post, FL NACHI and FL Home and Insurance Inspectors Association both share a common goal fighting for our profession legislatively. While FL HIIA still doesn’t require dues, they encourage contributing to the legislative fund via convenient PayPal contributions. FL NACHI, on the other hand has decided to require dues of $99/year with all of it going to the legislative fund.
Richard sent out an email/newsletter explaining the dues, but even though I read the newsletter, I somehow missed it, as did many others. So, if you missed it, email him so he can resend it and possibly give more clarity.

Michelle has always done most of the work for the conventions and needed break from it. In that time we have/will travel(ed) to some other conventions to see what they do. She is looking at doing a convention in Orlando next February mainly for CEUs. This is just before the license renewal cycle. In the meantime we will be going to COA Atlantic City and possibly Mike Crow’s event in Dallas. She still has to run our company which is continuing to grow. I hope that helps.

Thanks John
Thanks Michelle

Your time and efforts are always appreaciated

Well so far Richard hasn’t quit…and volunteering to donate monies hasn’t worked. Since there is still a coalition out there with a lobbyist in place, it should be prudent to join FlNachi.It just might buy some time till things get organized.

Membership drive

It depends what temperament you want as your voice. Also for the record FLNachi hasn’t done anything besides licensing and as far as I understood that money raised from that was to be used for legislation. I have been told it was used for individual profit. It is also the chapter of you dont need to know so sit down and shut up.

A Coalition that can not discuss anything without attacking each other. A coalition that could not agree on a four point form. That insisted it be changed in the last couple of hours that it was to be presented. A Florida nachi rep that implies they are doing more than they are. When they tell you that they went to Tallahassee, they fail to mention that they were invited by the coalition and there were seven other representatives in the room. They do not even know that it was FLHII that insisted they get to go to the coalition meetings even though they could not support it legally and fully financially. Yes the same Florida Nachi that took an kept your money for licensing when others had agreed to donate it to legislative affairs. The same people that told us to “sit down, and shut up” when we asked about the coalition years ago. Yes, the very same people. It is about power to them. Hence the reason I will not support a board of Home Inspectors anymore.

Yes I just flip flopped

Right as rain. What other conclusion is there? :neutral: