Why is it called a "cricket"?

Crickets are commonly built on the uphill side of chimneys.

In 1940 Disney released the animated film, “Pinocchio”. One of the characters was a grasshopper that rode around on Pinocchio’s shoulder and acted as his conscience. The grasshopper’s name was Jiminy Cricket.

Jiminy Cricket
Chiminy Cricket
Chimney Cricket

So we have a construction term used and accepted all across North America that comes from a minor joke about a character in an animated Disney film from over 75 years ago.

Closest thing I could find… cricket is referred to as a low stool around 1645, maybe that is where they sat to eat lunch while working on the roof.

Because “alligator tail” just don’t sound right.
Have you ever seen an alligator on a roof?

I’m pretty sure Jiminey Cricket was named after a chimney cricket.


Also a saddle

Both names are used in Okla cricket and saddle. Saddle is more appropriate in Okla;-)