why oh why (mold)

Been seeing this more and more here in Maryland where banks shut off power on foreclosures and have no working sump pumps or air movement and it becomes a mold palace

This once was a 700k McMansion that has been on the market for over a year, why oh why

Holly **** Batman, this is terrible. They got to get smarter. Maybe you could talk to the banks and offer your services to keep the houses in a livable condition until it is sold. Could be just a walk through the houses every 2 weeks to make sure everything is ok.

I see that all the time on foreclosures. The bank save themselves a few hundred dollars only to end up with a $10,000 mold remediation.

A little paint and you never know lol. that is what they are doing here now

It is a “make work program”. They bring in these crackhead out of state guys in who don’t shut the house down properly. Pipes break and they pay the same guys to fix the pipes. I asked one set of guys what happened on a home with 13 broken pipes. The guy says…it wasn’t shut down properly. I said who shut it down and the guy says…we did. Idiots! These guys and the banks. Then, when you do have a buyer, the bank won’t take care of the mold. I won’t do mold assessments for the banks any longer, or bid these jobs. All that they they do is drop the price of the home for your hours of work and tell you to get bent. I hang up on them now. It is the craziest approach.

OMG… What a shame !!

Holy Mold Batman!

Yup, incredibly short sighted morons out there.
What a waste.

Sad thing is, this is a 4500 sqft house, I found visible mold in every single room and closet

I have yet to see a foreclosed home that was properly winterized.

I’m sure it’s a numbers game for them. They know they are going to take a “hit” on the property. Shut everything down and don’t deal with it until someone wants to buy it. Avoid the costs of heating/cooling, condition checks, and all the paperwork associated. I’m sure the numbers have been run and it’s the most cost effective for them.

It is a shame though, perfectly good homes going to waste. Should be a better system in place.