Unit has a Mold Problem

One of the worst units I have looked at.







You sure Greg? I think you need 17 indoor air samples 7 swabs and don’t forget the outside control sample :twisted:

What the heck caused that, looks like it had several feet of water in it



Someone have a “Purchase Offer” on this shack Greg?

Simply incredible—:shock:

This is a complex in Orlando that was converted to condos during the boom. They sold for 150-200k right after completion of the conversion. They sold out the complex before the boom ended. Now 60% or more are REO properties. They are selling the REO properties for 30-35k.

The property I looked at today is in the same building as the mold unit. I was walking the perimeter of the building and noticed a condemned sign on the front door. When I went up to investigate I noticed that the door jamb was busted and the door was not secure. I opened the door and the pictures tell you what I saw.

The last unit I inspected in the complex had a water heater leak from the unit above. About 200 sq ft of ceiling board and about 50 ft of wall from floor to ceiling was soaking wet. The units were built in 1988 and each unit I have inspected so far had the original water heater. I also discovered that all of the supply lines are PB that run through the attic. All of the pipes inside of the units are cooper.

:shock::shock::shock: Oh my !

Hope you were wearing a mask. By the way, in the 4th pick, what does that box say on the floor? Just curious.

Can’t believe you went in there Greg. WOW.

Greg, where was that? I did a unit that looked similar about 9 months ago.

I wouldnt give you 20 bucks for that one…

I am sure that whoever gets that unit will get free rehab money to fix it up. I just did one (actually walked away from it) where the RE was a better salesman than me and talked her client into buying the home because she was getting $70,000.00 taxpayer dollars to put into the home for fix up.

What did your client think of the mold factory down the hall?

Wonder what the adjacent units look like.

BTW - my lunch tasted better going down than coming back up. :wink:

And condo builders continue to install water heaters without pans and drains to the outside. Just did a one year old condo, on the third floor, Saturday with the same situation. Eventually the water heater will go, and bang, damage to the units below.