Fungus Amongus

It seems there was a bit of a leak at today’s inspection. :slight_smile:

fungus 3 copy.JPG

fungus 4 copy.JPG

fungus 1 copy.JPG

fungis 2 copy.JPG

This was a bank owned foreclosure (REO property) I hope. No one was living in this home were they?

That is gross Bill. Almost as bad in an apartment repair I did two months ago with people living in it.
Hope this one was vacant. :slight_smile:

How in earth did you find that leak lololol


Vacant REO. The buyer was there three weeks ago and there was no sign of leaks in that room. He was amazed (and so was I LOL) at how quickly the growths took place.

There is a middle school in Missouri that has mushrooms still growing on the carpeting in a basement classroom. I told them that they need to be properly with the visible mold. The school said they do not have any money to remove the mold or the mushrooms. Sad but true.

IR camera and moisture meter;-):wink: