Why The New Siding

For all of you that don’t feel the need to look behind new siding when possible might not find something like this.:shock:

The entire house wall at every window and door way was completely rotted out and being covered up with brand new siding. Total inspection time on this POS 45 minutes.:wink:

The siding was flat against the home and looked fine until I pulled back this area, thats when all hell broke loose and the wall just crumbled.


More like “HOLY $HIT” I’m glad I found this.

Can you stuff it back in?:wink:

Looks like your buyer is going to be happy you found this :smiley: and the seller is going to be mad you damaged his house.:roll: It’s tough sometimes.

Is that a foil covered rigid insulation installed behind the siding?

How old was the new siding?

What were the moisture characteristics of the house?
Damp/wet crawlspace/basement?
Bath fans/range hood to exterior?
Dryer to exterior?
Plants/aquariums in house?

I don’t care if the seller is mad at me. I didn’t damage the home:roll:

It’s fan fold behind the new siding thats less than a year old with replacement windows that were never flashed.

Looks like it was the siding and/or window installer (probably same comapny) who damaged the house.

So I was re-hired by my clients to finish the inspection so that the Father-In-Law, who’s a general contractor, could see for himself the extent of the damage. We estimated that there was 35,000 in repairs to the home that needed to be done prior to them moving in. No problem the Dad says, pays me my full fee for the inspection that took another 30 min and we were out the door without even a report, he didn’t want one. Yes I got a signed contract stating it was a verbal inspection and no report was to be generated.

Great shot for the folder.

Got anymore.?

Great job Mark.

I always ask when the Vinyl siding was installed, most of the time it is to hide problems on older homes. The seller unknowingly shows me the real problems, by the way they try to hide them.