why, why, why?

It just drives me crazy when I can’t understand why an “electrician” would do something like this in a new install.

No electrician did that…and if he did…he shouldn’t be one.

Some 240 volt plugs are designed for 120/240 volts and those circuits and receptacles use 4 wires (2 hot, 1 neutral and 1 ground).

Not sure what you are saying Robert. Is this a correct installation in the photo? Please explain. Thanks.

Looks to me like amateur did the work also looks like he only has a single feed to the panel.
Every thing is on one leg .

Some plugs are designed to run an appliance on a split phase circuit and provide 120 volts and 240 volts at the outlet.

Those T&B breakers do not appear to be made to accept multiple conductors and are also mixed in the panel with GE breakers.

Unless the panel manufacturer has specified both breakers for use in that panel they are not to be used.

Pretty much sums it up. :roll:

Part of the problem around here. Unqualified workers performing work they are not licensed or qualified to do. Keeps me busy though. :wink: