They lie to us, steal our money, send our young sons and daughters off to war, make thousands upon thousands of ridiculous laws for us to obey, yet they are exempt from most of them, they spend more time on vacation than working, they tax us to death, they divide us, cause us to have ulcers, treat outsiders better than us, give away the money they stole from us to some other country, they sponsor competition from foriegn countries and allow them to escape the taxes they levy upon us and give them 1% loans. They demand higher standards from our industry than importers. Then after they win the elections, they spend most of our time and money, forming commitees to investigate the ones they replaced. Then they spend most of their term, campaigning to win the next elections, and worst of all, they ask us to pay for it again. But, the biggest crime is, when they decide they deserve a pay raise and vote one for themselves, while they ride around with personal body guards, in the finest Limo’s and Jet’s, eat the finest food and travel the world over, on our dime. What is wrong with this picture? Are we really this stupid? Yes, I would say we are! :roll:

Ken ,all of us are cattle and easily lead.
Be honest,when you voted for Bush jr,did you think it was just a coincidence that he was the greatest man on the planet to lead us and his father just happened to be president 8 years before.

Is Caroline Kenndy the smartest and brightest to lead the state of New York?.
How about my own Mayer Daley ?
Any chance he won because of his name.?
Nepotisim and inner breeding produce the same result.

Hey, in addition to the Limos, Princes Pelosi and Prince Harry now have their own private planes at our expense.

Yes…the American people are stupid. We keep sending the same ones back year after year, with rare exceptions.


Welcome to “The Pack” and out of “The Flock”! The American Sheeple just want to be led as Robert pointed out. It really does not matter who you vote for as the result will always be the same. Any good politician does one of two things; either they get burned out trying to do the right thing and leave politics, or their ideals change when they realize the system is to corrupt to change and they just join the crowd looking to line their pockets.

“Change you can bellieve in.”:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::shock:

Frankly, I think Todd Palin had the right idea!