Will This Gutter Work?

2nd level downspout into a first level front porch gutter. I can envision large splashes over the top or behind it onto the fascia. Thoughts?

091109 061.JPG

Better than dumping it on the roof though.
Must admit I see it all the time that way.

I normally see it to the roof and divertors to deflect the water into the gutter.

Have seen this also - and yes, typically splashes over with a big rain. And with just a little debris, even worse.

Will not work with all those leaves in the gutter. And will probably spash over like Andrew said with a big rain.

Not to mention the lack of a kickout flashing and the trim board laying on the roof. There appears to be some rot and paint deterioration already.

Noted that Mike. Thanks.

Noticed that right away but figured you would not have missed that.

Some call out downspouts that dump onto a lower roof.
Some call out downspouts that dump into a lower gutter.

Which is correct?


I just might have you beat Joe… :wink:

Yes, you see correctly… :shock:

One gutter, dumping into another gutter, dumping into another gutter, dumping into another gutter… all trying to make it out one downspout!!! :roll::roll::roll:

I’m not shy… I call out both ways… always!:cool:

My kids had a marble game like that. Could put it together different ways, drop the marble at the top and watch it go down the different tubes.:shock:

Very creative! It’s a classic.