Would you recommend a gutter?

Even though it’s a smaller surface area of the roof, would you recommend a gutter to prevent splash back on the ground. The water is causing some of the wood trim to dry rot because of the peeling paint. The larger areas of the roof all have proper gutters.


You pretty much said what your report comment should be.
No further comment by us is really needed.

Asked and answered.

Yeah…sometimes I hate advising a $800 fix vs a $5.00 quart of exterior paint.


And, just how would you route the downspout for that gutter?

Easy, there are gutters made to go down the side of the rake.

I would assume the second story window is for the mother in law, so I would route said gutter in that window directly overtop of her bed. 2 problems solved.

A rain diverter might do the trick, and the cost would be considerably less.

You have asked the question and answered yourself. You should do what you are thinking about gutter. It’s the solution I think.

Thanks Glenn !! I needed that laugh!