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Look through and make a suggestion for improvement or a reason to change something for Florida specifically. Think about salt water, wind, sunshine, water table, heat, etc.

You could explain why a life expectancy should be changed for Florida or you can suggest we add a new material, system or component (we can research it’s life expectancy if you make the suggestion) or you can suggest a tidbit of information that we can add to the little intro paragraph above each section that is unique to weather conditions in Florida or you can suggest a new section, or you can explain a building practice common in Florida that should be mentioned.

Tell us about your experience with certain products, systems or components in Florida.

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From the Florida regulation:

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3-Tab Shingle 12-15 years
Arch Shingle 20 years

A thermostatically controlled fan can add up to 5 more years

Ac Condenser
Mainland 15-20 years
Beachside 5-7 years

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Exterior caulk 2 to 3 years.
Exterior sealants (silicone etc.) 3 to 5 years.

Our a/c just crapped out after 14 years…where is my check?:mrgreen:

then again, my roof is 23 years old! :o

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Starting to edit it up, first paragraph written:

Salt air is a terrible problem anywhere near the salt water. Cut the life expectancy in half on anything that will rust. Only the best corrosion resistant materials will last in an environment that is near the salt water. Screws, bolts, nails, door hinges, etc… even products designed for outside use will not last very long in humid salt air. Even things made out of fiberglass do not last in the salt and sun. Any time you want photos just drop me a line and I will start a photo collection.

The biggest difference to me corrosion is worse closer you are to the ocean. Sun damage is increased by exposure and not shaded. Heat has the same effect, too hot and roofs go quicker. Two homes next to each other can have different life expectancy based on trees, ventilation even blocking the ocean mist. You could even coat a roof frequently and make it last much longer. How do you put all that in a chart?

Here is a 5 year old A/C from today

Exterior metal pedestian garage door with wood core and jamb… 2.4 years.

Many environmental conditons contribute to the life of a roofing system. Conditions such as roof slope (pitch), amount of shade, amount of direct sun (UV), color of the finish material, attic ventilation and temperature all contribute to the life expectancy of a Florida roofing system.
Assuming proper product installation:
Modified Bitumen Roofing System – 10 years
Mineral Surface, rolled roofing – 5 years
SPF (Spray Polyurethane Foam) – Lasts as long as the coating
Elastomeric Roof Coating – 1 to 5 years
Metal Roofing, exposed fastener (1/4" head) – 12 to 15 years
Metal Roofing, exposed fastener (3/8" and 5/16" head) – 17 to 20 years
25 year, 3-tab shingle – 13 to 15 years
30 year, dimensional shingle – 15 to 17 years
Asbestos Shakes – 50+ years
EPDM – 10 to 15 years
HVAC Handler Coils, in a high sulfer environment (well water) – 1 to 3 years

Can we get rid of the stuff that doesn’t apply? i.e. Boilers and furnaces?