Inspected a Winchester Furnace Model # G8T08012UHA11A, Serial # WMKM002525. Can some one give me the age of this unit.
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1980 or 2001 if it follows the York system.

From a prior post by Gerry:

Winchester furnaces were made by Central Environmental division of York

Another post by Marc S. indicates that that model number is a Coleman


Brand: ???
Model#: G8T08012UHA11A
Serial#: WKKMo11603
That’s a Coleman furnace. 2000 through present.

That’s conflicting info so good luck.

More info added:

Used in York, Hamilton, Coleman, Winchester Furnace Models:
BGD07512AX, BGD10020AX, P4HUA12N03201A, PBKM-LD20N140A, P2MPD20N09601A, P2MPD12N04801C, P4HUA12N04801A, P4HUA12N06401A, P4HUB16N06401A, G8T04012UHA11A, G8T06012UHA11A, G8T08012UHA11A, G8T08016UHB11A, P2MPD12N04801F, PBKM-LD14N100F, P2MPD12N06401D, P2MPD14l08001A, BGM12520B, P1UK, PAKU, P2MPD, P2MPV, P9MP, P2UR, PBLU, P2LN, P2DP, P3UR, PCLU, P1CX, PACR, XED, P1CD, P2CD, PAND, PBND, XND, DGD, GDD, P3HU, P3GEB, GUD, DGU, PCUH, P1DU, FL8, P3UR, G9T, FG9, P3DN, P3DH, PCDF, PACE, P2DR, PBLD, PBKM, PBKD, P1CK.

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Looks like a 2000 to me, could have been branded as Coleman, Frasier/johnston or luxaire.



1980 or 2001.