Winchester manufacture date

I inspected a Winchester furnace and can’t find a good site to figure out the manufacture date. Any suggestions?
Serial number is W1C9740742

I think they are made by York, from what I could find on a HVAC message board.
So maybe 2019?

Do you have the model number?

Winchester comes up as Hamilton (format doesn’t work).
If York… March 2019 (format works).

Corporate History

Hamilton Home Products was established in Ohio in 1988 with the objective of saving homeowners money on heating and cooling costs. Hamilton products are sold at home centers, including Lowe’s and Home Depot, allowing the homeowner to save money by arranging their own installation.

Product Lines

Hamilton Home Products are manufactured by name brand manufacturers. According to Hamilton Home Products, purchasing the same product under the Hamilton / Winchester brand, rather than a leading name brand, is less expensive for the home owner.

The Winchester brand of gas multi-position furnace, manufactured by York, is available in single and two-stage models that range in efficiency from 80% to 96%.


The warranty on Winchester furnaces varies according to model. Most come with a 10-year limited parts and 20-year heat exchanger warranty. The parts warranty is reduced to 5 years if the product is not registered within 90 days of purchase.

Go with York for the date…jmo.

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