Wind Mit/4Point in Holiday

Good afternoon,

I have a client that needs a wind mitigation and four point inspection in Holiday. If interested please PM me your contact I go and I will forward it on to the customer.



Where is Holiday? What County?

PM sent.

Far far far away from you.

I am sure I was just wondering as I never heard of it.

Hi Guys I messed up it’s actually in Hollywood Fl not Holiday.

Brad I apologize for that. I will keep your contact info around in case I get anything in the Pasco county area.

So if anyone is interested in a 4PT/Wind mit inspection in Hollywood FL please let me know so I can get your info to the customer.

PM sent.

See there it is right next door to me :slight_smile: I knew I had never heard of Holiday, Florida :slight_smile:

They may have found someone by now though:)

Well Holiday does exist. It’s North of Tampa

Hi Mike,

He is waiting for me to get back with him. I do a lot of work for him around the Tampa area.

There is a Holiday FL too. It’s in Pasco county. I just got the two mixed up in conversation.

I will forward your info to him later today.

Thanks and now I learned some geography also :slight_smile:

Justin thanks :slight_smile:

I talked to him earlier and set a time for tomorrow and told him the price and I just got an email at 11:22 saying “Would that be $150 in addition to the $70?” It is exactally what I told him hours ago so I responded two seperate inspections two seprate prices. The wind mit is on sale even. I have a “feeling” he may cancle now as he likely found some lowballer.

Gotta love licensing :frowning:

I do appreciate the referral though and will return the favor if I get the chance.

I’ll let ya know how it works out.