Do you want to do a Wind Mit in cleweston?

If you do please contact me. You must me a Florida Architect, Engineer, or General Contractor.

Sorry the client found someone else and just let me know. If you do insurance inspections of any kind and are interested in doing them for me when they are out of my area please send me your contact info.

I have teamed up with a general contractor in the Orlando area to do Wind Mit inspections and I personally do 4 Point inspections. If you have someone who needs either in Orlando, let me know.

Robert send me the areas you work and I will let you know if any come up. I hate 4 point inspections but do them also. They are the only inspections that the client wants you to be inaccurate on.

It isn’t just the clients. I had an insurance agent call me one time saying that ther had to be something on the plumbing that was upgraded. I told him that the only thing I saw that had been replaced was the supply tube to one faucet and the connections to the water heater, He said, “put that in the report and I’ll get it through”. I told him I was sorry but I couldn’t call that an upgrade!

To your question, I will do 4 point inspections and wind Mitigation inspections (with the general contractor) all around Orlando. Basically anywhere in Orange and Seminole counties. Any farther and it isn’t cost effective for me.