wind mit on foam insulated roof

Does anyone have any tips on the proper procedure for inspecting a roof system that has the straps and top cord of the trusses covered by foam insulation?

Rip it off, or you gotta go with unknown/undetermined. The form is pretty specific and requires photos of nail pattern & clips/straps. So if you cant see it, how would you photograph it.

Is it insulation or foam adhesive? If its adhesive (with docs), it counts as © for deck nailing. If the strap is obscured, check “other” with comments.

Have the owner remove some to determine nail spacing ,etc.(or do it for them and you will be a hero). As far as roof to wall go through the soffitvent or call me and I will tell you some other ways.

Sofits can be the easist part to remove. I run into these every so often. :slight_smile:

12-21-11  C 015.JPG

12-19-11  E, 022.JPG

12-21-11  C 006.JPG

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