Wind mit with spray foam insulation

How do you folks deal with wind mitigations where they have installed spray foam insulation which completely covers roof rafters and truss connections so you can’t visibly inspect them?

You simply cannot. In 10 yrs doing it in FLA not once was a complete Wind Mit completed on a spray open/closed cell foam cell install home. Even tried digging one out with the owner’s permission but with the nailer info being so random it didn’t work and left a hell of a mess.

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Sometimes you can remove some soffit to see the rafter connection but it’s a crap shoot as to whether it will be visible or not and then you need to get it back together.


I tell the home owner to have a contractor expose the required areas, so the necessary (and specific) items can be observed and photographed.

They may still have other line items to verify on the form that don’t require foam removal.

Mark it as unviewable unless you can get a copy of the plans and attach to your report with hi-lights. It’s a search you won’t soon forget IF you can get them. Sometimes the home owner will have some proof. Best option is to inform the home owner of the importance of seeing the connections and put the ownus on them to find the plans before the inspection. You show up, they don’t have them you complete the form and done. Take pics of the foamed attic and provide with report and explanation.

Thanks for your feedback . This is what I expected .