Wind mitigation help

This town house is partially exposed attic in the center. So I can see the Ridge, but the eaves where my straps should be are sealed off dry wall. I have seen these beams once before, but that roof deck was tectum. My question is, if we cut out dry wall near eave will we see trusses/ Straps? Or is it theses beams only

I cannot tell by your photos. Was this whole home done like this? Is it new or old / when built?

Other pictures may give us a better idea of what we or at least I am looking at.

Where in the State do you work?

I sure hope those beam hangers have flanges that go over the tie-beam because they are definitely not installed correctly. That has nothing to do with a wind mit, but just sayin.

If you don’t have access to the actual roof to wall connection (those photos don’t qualify), then you select “unknown”. To view the actual connection, you can remove the soffit at the eaves, or remove drywall on the inside…both are invasive and not normally within the standard of care for performing a wind mit. They also require permission from the current owner.