Wind mit panel protection

So I went back over the wind mit class on nachi, and I was reading the part about a means of egress, so what if someone does have hurricane panels for every window, and the garage door and exterior doors. It says you need at least one means of egress, so what would you do or put on the form if every single opening has shutters? make a note in the report?

NOTHING… NOT ON FORM…They may choose to Shutter up and leave every time?

If you think about it, how is somebody going to shutter up the last door and get back inside? I don’t note that condition on the 1802 because it is really a code violation, but I do let the client know about it.

I tell all of my clients you need a way out, preferably a hurricane rated solid door. A lot of times, there is one door that is either damaged or not rated. Had a client who had two big oak/glass doors for the front entrance. One inspector told him “You have to get rid of those”. I told him, get some panels and replace the back door that has the window in it, which was rusted at the bottom, with a rated door. You will then get all of your opening protection credits…which he did.

I tell them the insurance company is assuming you install all shutters and leave town so bring a cordless drill. Come home after the storm passes and take the front door shutter down.

I never tell them the insurance company is assuming anything.

I tell them, whatever is here, make sure that is what you do during a storm.

If you have panels covering all of the openings including the main garage door, then you are going to have to leave as there is no way for anyone to get out.

If the only way out is the main garage door, I tell them during a storm, manually latch the door and disconnect the automatic opener. I also inform them that they need a better “only way out”!