Wind mitigation does enclosed patio count

I was just performing a wind mitigation inspection in Port ST Lucie FL. and the enclosed patio had know protections but all of the windows and doors inside the patio had shutters. When I asked the homeowner why they had no protections on the patio windows or doors they told me it was because the shutter company told her that the patio the patio can’t be covered by insurance because the walls are wood and not concrete and that is why they installed the shutters in this manner. I have never heard this before and believe the shutter company is wrong, the enclosed patio and it’s roof are part of the home and it is considered a room. Without it’s windows and doors having protection I have to list it as such. Am I right?DSCN1565 DSCN1604

I dont know that I am correct in this…

If the converted room’s roof is attached to the exterior wall and not really integrated into the main roof then and is not an air conditioned space I would not consider it a room. Unless there is a permit for the conversion.

If the openings of the original structure have protection, then I would think it would be good to go as far as wind mits go.

The way I see it is that if that patio room gets ripped off, can it cause the main house to lose air pressure. If so, the rest of the opening protection is useless in my opinion.