Wind Mitigation, Enclosed or not enclosed

I know this topic has been beat to death in several threads but couldn’t find one quite like this. County site lists this as unfinished enclosed patio, it appears to be attached at the fascia board and be screened in with some aluminum sections at top and bottom of screen. I didn’t do this one so i cannot confirm if its screening or not or whether its under air. Insurance agent i work with a bit got this one back and the inspector that did the job put down “other”.
My take on this would be if those panels are screened and no air in this area it would not be considered in the hip calculation as its attached at fascia. Basically if this blew off in a hurricane, exterior walls of home still there, roof not affected… Your thoughts please?

That’s a HIP all the way. The flat portion of the sun room doesn’t count since you say it’s attached to the fascia, therefore not calculated in perimeter measurements.

Tell the agent to contact the inspector and request a change.

Sweet extra space.