Wind Mit Question number..........

Using the attached pictures, how would you mark the 1802 form for roof to wall connection?

looks like other to me


I probably would put other and explain.

Sucks for the homeowner.

wow, Eric. I don’t think there was a single truss that had any similarities with the others. No consistency whatsoever. I think I’d have to go with Toenail. Afterall, the form does say What is “the Weakest” roof to wall connection?


The first three pictures are of the same wrap, from different angles. The last two pictures are of another wrap.

This happened during Wilma and the homeowner never was told just how extensive the damage was. Here are some more pictures.

Lots of damage. I still go with toenail Eric.

And the homeowners just spent a bunch of money on shutters and hurricane rated doors and windows.

To fix all of the damage, it looks like the roof is going to have to be replaced. It is original from 1989.

The first roof leak started in 2004. That repair person didn’t do the repair properly and then, Wilma came. I counted three wraps that were broken. Meanwhile, the next repair person patched the roof and it still leaked, to the point where the garage ceiling fell apart. Finally, a roofer came out and did the “repairs” that you see in the second set of pictures.

I asked the homeowner why they didn’t get a new roof after Wilma like most of their neighbors? They had POE insurance which went out of business and then Citizens wouldn’t pay for a new roof. Now, to sell this home, they are more than likely going to have to either give a credit to the buyer or make all the repairs. I truly feel bad for them and, this is the exact scenario that will happen again, if the Gov. gets his way and Citizens is done away with.

One other problem with the house…


Polybutylene pipes:shock:

I sure hope the Gov gets rid of citizens. They are idiots and fools that think they run the OIR. If they are done away with then maybe the OIR will actually regulate the insurance companies that are around instead of letting citizens make any rules they want.

If he does, then insurance will turn into the wild west and situations like this one will occur the next time we have a big hurricane.