Wind Mitigation roof-to-wall connectors question

I have a roof structure that extends over the front entrance walkway. The trusses that rest on the header beam over the one side of the covered walkway are only toe nailed. Now the same trusses have qualifying clips secured to the garage wall. My question is do you still report the toenail trusses as the weakest?

They are cantered out…
Don’t be stupid. Nope!

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There is no way for us to do your inspections.
It is what it is at the time of your inspection.
If you can’t figure this simple serrano… Then study more. Yep!
As to your subject you wanted do know " Wind Mitigation roof-to-wall connectors question "
Your question isn’t relevant to the question …Nope!
Please state it where can “we” understand what you are asking’

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Thank you Larry. I wish a could enjoy the forum but it’s people like Roy Lewis that talks down to, belittles and degrades others for asking questions.


Thick skin and learning process. I’ve been there and still have them doing so. Grain of salt and prove them wrong if you can. Most of the times I can’t…and learn from it. :wink:


First of all Mr. Roy Lewis, You should not be texting and drinking, it makes you sound like a mean drunk. Secondly learn some etiquette. And thirdly, if you don’t have anything nice to say then shut the hell up. Thank you! Rude!




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Paul, don’t take it personally, take it professionally. Roy can be crusty but he know’s his stuff!

Think of your Wind Mit like this. The form specifically says roof to ‘wall’ connection, where these trusses are cantilevered out and supported by columns/post/pillars. The form will answer most of your questions if you don’t think too deep into it. Keep asking questions for sure… don’t get discouraged. Just think about it first and you will probably know the answer! Never stop learning!

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Thank you Robert. This was helpful. I appreciate it.

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