Gable bracing under 36"

Just a quick question, hopefully someone can help me out. Gable end 36" and under, does it require bracing per 2001 code. I’m a poor homeowner facing rate hike x4, already removed eves to add 1 nail in roof to wall straps to bring to the min. of 3 nails. Any tips will help, greatly appreciated to all. Thanks

Calling all Florida wind mitter’s.

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That is a tough one to answer. As of 2001 in Florida, truss designers were required to design by the specifications published jointly by BCSI and TPI, which do not require bracing for gables that are 3 feet in height or less, but the odd man out here is that the code also specified that all truss bracing design be the responsibility of the Designer of Record. So even though prescriptive methods may not require bracing the designer may have added them to the construction documents.

The supplements to the 2007 Florida building code have methods for retrofitting if you would like to harden off the gables.

While OIR-B1-1802 has a check off box for gable bracing the insurance companies do not provide a discount for the bracing. The new form that comes into affect February 1st 2012 has removed the gable bracing question

Where are you located?

What type of shingles are on the roof? How many gables do you have. Please call me at 561-537-6997…maybe I can help you.