Wind mit - roof is original and built in 1997 or later

Wind mitigation form roof covering section option b says “roof is original and built in 1997 or later”.

Does this mean if a 1983 house was re roofed in 1998 that this section doesn’t apply? I would have to check option C or D - no roof coverings meet the Miami-Dade specifications

Option “B” is for the HVHZ. I assume you are not located in Miami-Dade or Broward Co. In your area, disregard option “B”. That reroof would be “D”, or “C” if any other roof covering was permitted on or after 3/1/2002. Read the form…

Thanks for the reply Brad. Correct, I am not in Miami-Dade

However, to me, the uppercase “OR” means hvhz doesn’t apply, it is a new, separate option(image attached). What you think?

You could argue that the roof covering has a valid MDCA, but you would have to have definitive docs for that particular job. It’s harder than you think to push it thru with just the NOA.

I would argue that the “OR the roof is original and built in 1997 or later” does NOT apply to the HVHZ - it would be a redundant statement - since the section before that covers 1994 - 3/1/2002 and after 2002 is covered by A.

Outside of the HVHZ I have found that some underwriters accept B for discounts and some do not. If the home is 1997 or later I mark B and let the underwriter decide how they want to rate it.

And that would be completely wrong for your area.

For some reason my previous reply disappeared.

I think we are missing the point here.

The house was built in 1983, and had a new roof in 98.

Does that mean I can select option b? It says “roof is original and built in 97 or later”. But in section a it doesn’t have the same logic. Image of the language attached. Make sense?

The question is, is a re-roof different from originally built in option b?

Trust the bureaucrats to make something simple so complicated.

NO. The 1997 reference in “B” is for homes built in 1997 or later with the original roof covering (INSIDE the HVHZ and no permit needed for verification). As I said before, the only way to get a 1998 (non-HVHZ) roof verified for credit is to have a valid NOA tied to that particular address with definitive documentation.

Just forget about using “B” outside the HVHZ.

Brad, I appreciate you replying, but I must respectfully disagree.“or” means what came before does not apply.

According to the dictionary,

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Unless you have this information from some other authority like the Florida Office of insurance regulation. Which by the way I think would probably be the people to solve this, but I remember trying to get hold of them before and it was a waste of time.

Please fill out your profile so we know where you are.

As others have said your thinking is wrong. Anything outside of southeast Florida is 3-1-2002 or later.

Paul, I have been doing these since 2007, and was trained by Citizens Ins. underwriters. I know the form is written fairly badly and ambiguous in several areas, but the intent is straight forward. Option “B” is for the HVHZ. If you can prove that a roof covering complies with MDC NOA’s, then you can choose A or B. It really is pretty simple.

I require permit application date, permit #, and year. for FBC credit, 1997 is for new construction in HVHZ, and possibly some parts of palm beach county that were adopting the 94sfbc early, but this would require documentation to verify

Paul, let’s look at it from this way. The form clearly asks for the roof covering to be Miami-Dade approved. So how would you prove it on a roof that was installed in 1998. It doesn’t matter where you live or what part of the form you are filling out you need to prove your findings with photos and documentation. Brad is right. Unless you live in the HVHZ it would not apply.